Small group intensive English courses in campus

You will study in mini groups comprised of 4-8 students who are on the same language level. You can adjust this program according to your needs: course hours, and course intensity.

This kind of program is typically taken by adults and professionals. The group must be homogenous in order to function, which is why it typically focuses around a specific objective.
The mini group class allows each person to benefit from personalized support from the dynamic unit of the group.
In a small group, the teaching revolves around addressing specific needs and allowing each student to reach his or her objectives.

Small group intensive courses

Small group courses are ideal for you if you are really motivated, yet do not have a lot of time to study.
This training guarantees a maximum amount of progress in a short amount of time. Courses are organized in a seminar style with a maximum of 6 students.
The course will help you develop your general English skills in several key areas, including conversation, listening, reading and grammar.
The intensive course option also offers a business option.

Interactive approaches to studying are emphasized, and are based on role-playing games, case studies, groups conversations and analysis of cultural relations. Teachers use contemporary documents and the media, particularly television and the internet, to facilitate learning.

Minimum level required: Elementary

Mini Group Course Canterbury

Small group intensive English courses in campus Mini Group Junior programme in the teacher’s home

Language Immersion in the teacher's home Kent Mini Group Junior programme in the teacher’s home - Kent
A fresh and unique way to learn english. Study in a small group ( maximum 6 students) in the relaxed environmentof your teacher’s home and make friends with your new classmates. After the morning lessons students take part in afternoom trips to local places of interest with their…[More info]
  • Age : 14 - 16
  • Environment : Country

Our advice 5 / 5

All the advantages of total immersion with some additional positive points:
  • language courses in a small group (6 maximum) in a warm and friendly atmosphere, so you never feel isolated
  • You can never be bored because you will be all the time with young people of your age from other countries
  • Host Families particularly motivated by welcoming foreign students

This type of course is also offered in the following languages: German