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Activa Languages has chosen schools exclusively for adults, which specialize in business language courses and are suited to the needs of professionals.
The courses start every Monday and last for a minimum of one week.

BULATS stands for the Business Language Testing Service.
The test is carefully designed to be suitable for a wide range of people at work – technicians,
secretaries or managers, in banking, in education or in manufacturing, in administration, research or marketing. It does not require any previous business experience, and so it is also suitable for students who may need to use the foreign language in the future.

BULATS preparation in Ireland

This program offers highly intensive learning in groups of 8 students. This course in designed for law students, and recently qualified lawyers. The program is adapted to reflect the needs and interests of each individual.

Mini Group Course - English for Law in England

General English + Business English

One-to-One Specialised Course in Malta

One-to-One Business Course

Combined English Business Course

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