Programs for Portuguese language teachers in language school

These are courses geared to foreign language teachers which will help you to improve your teaching techniques.

These are training courses for language teachers. These courses are an excellent way for teachers to broaden their language and teaching skills. Since the world of education is constantly evolving, these courses allow you to keep a up-to-date with new methodologies, and share experiences and ideas with other teachers.

Programs for language teachers

This is a refresher course for foreign language teachers that also provides an opportunity for teachers to enrich their knowledge of the language by having direct contact with the culture of the country, and interaction with fellow teachers from other countries.

Course content includes addressing teaching methodology, exhibition of materials, adaptation of teaching materials for different ages and ability levels, class management, lesson planning, weekly teaching observation sessions followed by feedback meetings, as well as extensive training in the four skills to improve the participant’s own language skills and proficiency.

Minimum level required: Upper Intermediate

This type of course is also offered in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish