Programmes in Ireland for a family

Language studies abroad for the whole family!
This is a new way to enjoy family holidays, combining learning with fun. Every morning you will be able to take language classes adapted to your needs. Your children will take classes corresponding to their age and level in a playful and interactive environment.
The afternoons are usually free so that you can enjoy your holiday with your family or take part in the schools' activities.
We also offer taylor made programs.
Do you have a need, or a particular desire? Activa Languages will help you find the best solution.
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Northern Ireland

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Programmes in Ireland for family Programmes in Ireland for a family

Ireland is a small island bathed in Celtic culture, located to the west of England. It is a magnificent country that is begs to be explored!
What distinguishes Ireland from other countries are its landscapes, fascinating history, and friendly and happy citizens with welcoming smiles. Shaped by centuries of dramatic and heroic history, Ireland is rich in culture and boasts numerous castles, archaeological sites and centers of heritage. The Irish history abounds in myths and legends with epic narratives, telling of the escapades of warriors and famous saints, in addition to fabulous stories of fairies and spirits. Celtic mythology is the foundation of the Irish culture.
The Cliffs of Mohair create elegant surroundings for the castles and prove that Ireland is made for nature lovers. Furthermore, Ireland has a spectacular coast of more than 448 km or almost 900 miles.
Ireland is a festive and exciting country! The Irish people enjoy traditions like eating a colcannon, a tradition Irish dish made with potatoes and cabbage, on Halloween or dressing in green on Saint Patrick’s Day. Two Irish traditions known all over the world remain its traditional music and step-dancing. Everywhere in Ireland, there are endless opportunities to listen to Irish music in one of the many pubs. The pub is a center for cultural, social and musical life in Ireland.

Adults and students also have the possibility of participating in a programmes in ireland for a family all year round in specialized language schools for international students.

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