Russian courses in the teacher’s home

Why a language study holiday in Russia?
The Russian language performs great importance worldwide.
This language has been developed since the 20th century, but it especially set of the prestige from 1991, when the USSR was divided and Russia became the biggest republic in the world.
Nowadays 250 millions of people in the world speak Russian. It is the official language of Russia, one of six official languages of the United Nations and one of the official languages of Kyrgyzstan, Kazajistan and Belarus.
Today it is the native language of approximately 137 million Russians as well as the diverse ethnic groups for whom it is their first language. It is a language studied in many former Soviet republics.
Speaking Russian opens many possibilities of work on the labour market of Eastern Europe, and also in diverse companies dedicated to international trade. It is also very useful in concentrated studies.
A language study abroad program in Russia will allow you to acquire enriching knowledge about the country and its traditions. You will dive in the heart of this fascinating culture.

Russian courses in the teacher’s home

Live with your teacher and take individual, one-on-one courses adapted to your level and personal needs. This is a full immersion program!

Language courses are combined with an lively calendar of cultural activities. This is a proven way to truly appreciate culture and language.

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