Spanish and Football courses

Spanish and Football courses

1 Course(s) Spanish and Football courses

This program is perfect for teens. It offers teens the opportunity to discover a campus lifestyle abroad for the summer.

During summer, university students give up their place and allow teens to be accommodated and take advantage of the facilities on a campus.
Courses take place on the campus.
Students will live in an international atmosphere with the other young people from the whole world.

The program includes:

  • Accommodation on the campus
  • Language lessons
  • Books and materials
  • Afternoon or evening activities, and if specified, weekend excursions

The activities program may change depending on the particular campus.
Teenagers are not supervised 24 hours a day and will have a lot of free time.

Minimum level required: Elementary

Summer campus programme for Teenagers Marbella

Spanish and Football courses Summer school ENFOREX - Marbella - Albergue College

Language studies abroad Marbella Summer school ENFOREX - Marbella - Albergue College - Marbella
The school is in a big secured campus located in a very peaceful and safe area of Marbella. The students will enjoy the atmosphere of a beautiful seaside town. This intensive programme is aimed at independent and mature students as they can be allowed to leave the campus under curfew in small groups…[More info]
  • Age : 15 - 17
  • Environment : City,Seaside
  • Services : multi-media center,student lounge

Our advice 4.5 / 5

Discover the Spanish city of Marbella loved by celebrities all around the world!
The program proposed in Marbella gives teenagers an opportunity to live a unique educational experience and it gives the opportunity to improve their Spanish by participating in activities during the afternoon with young native Spanish speakers. It is a very popular study abroad choice during the summer.

This type of course is also offered in the following languages: English, German, Italian