Intensive Semester Program Abroad in China for college student

Intensive Semester Program Abroad in China for college student

Studying abroad is something that many think about doing. Adding an international dimension to your curriculum is a great accomplishment. With an open mind and positive attitude, you will benefit every time!
An intensive course is generally more than 22 hours a week.

This programme "Intensive Semester Program Abroad in China for college student" can be held at a in language school and the main purpose is : Long stay programs abroad

The benefits:

The benefit of a long stay at one of our partner schools is that it allows you to not only completely immerse yourself in the language of the country of your choice, but also to meet other young people from different cultures. Additonally, all of our partner schools offer an ideal framework for learning the language, and for acquiring a solid level of linguistic competency.
As time passes, your knowledge of the language will increase exponentially, which will motivate you to learn even more.


Ideally, a student will conclude the course by preparing for an exam or for an official test allowing students to continue their studies abroad. In the future, businesses and organizations could use this as a reference to your personal skills and experience, and it is thus an indispensable addition to your resume and accomplishment for your professional future.
A long stay abroad is, above all, a life-changing experience!

Minimum level required: Beginner