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Your questions Courses

Can I take a course in a language that I do not know at all?

Of course! There is nothing better than learning a language in the country where it is spoken. Certain schools have particularly adapted their courses for true beginners (These schools propose specific dates for their beginner students).

How do I evaluate my initial language level?

A language evaluation test is administered on your first day at the school. This test covers basic knowledge and skills in writing ability, grammar, and vocabulary. The school reserves the right to place you where they see fit. If they consider that level that you have indicated on your test does not correspond with the level indicated upon your registration to the program the school can place you in a different level.

Will it be useful for an advanced student to take language courses?

Of course! If you are at an advanced level, your program will be designed to allow you to work all aspects of your language studies.

Should I take exam preparation classes abroad?

It all depends on your language level and your personal or professional objectives. We know that, today, certain engineering schools demand at least a TOEIC test score for admission. And on a résumé this experience and test score will stand out to your employer because, with this score they can gain an initial idea of your language level.

Your questions Administrative formalities

How do I know if a visa is required by the destination country and how do I get it?

All the visa information is available on Activa’s website with links to other sites for further detailed information. All of this information is updated regularly.

Please note that we can provide you with assistance for your visas. This does not mean we will complete the steps for you, as that is prohibited, but we will help you fill out and hand in forms in the time that is required and understand general procedure.

What type of insurance do you recommend?

We advise you to look into buying insurance that covers the entire duration of your studies or internships abroad. This insurance should cover reparations, medical expenses, liabilities and personal accidents in the case of an interruption during your studies.
We have created a partnership with a great insurance company that proposes a COMPLETE PACKAGE. Please contact them directly and they can answer all of your questions.

Can you take care of my plane ticket and transports to and from the airport?

Activa Langues does not sell travel amenities as we are primarily an organization that organizes programs abroad. To learn more about transportation options, there are sites which offer travel solutions at great prices. Again, we have developed partnerships that allow you to access these sites after registration and program selection is made.

How much soon before the programs begin should I register?

Ideally, you should sign up 2 months before your program to leave time for formalities like getting a visa. Please note that the spaces at certain schools fill up quickly!
Late registrations of up to 2 weeks before the program starts are also accepted. However, it is better to register early and avoid all that last minute stress.

Your questions Living accommodations

I do not want to live with a host family. Do you offer other living accommodation arrangements?

The schools selected propose a large choice of living accommodations, and it is, furthermore an important criterion indicated on the Activa Indicator. Certain programs and schools may offer up to 5 accommodation choices: with a host family, in dorms, in a youth hostel or an apartment.

Can I live in a host family accommodation with a friend?

Of course! Living in a double is an available option while living with host families. You can choose this option upon registering for this program! However, to ensure true progress in this new language, we recommend you do not share a room with someone you know. In order to be effective in learning a language, there should be total cultural and linguistic immersion!

Can I register and take courses without signing up for living accommodations if I have the option of staying with a friend?

Yes, the living accommodation option is simply that, an option which is proposed to aid in the planning of your stay abroad. You do not have any obligation to book an accommodation if you do not want one. You also have the option of booking extra days of accommodations without going through our booking system.