Linguistic and cultural experiences

Linguistic and cultural experiences Why should I go abroad to learn a language?

The advantage of studying abroad is that it allows you to study and learn a language where it is spoken.

You can study a language at a school at home, but nothing can replace being totally immersed in language and culture in a country other than your own.

It is important to be fully immersed in culture and try to comprehend all aspects of that culture. Beyond just learning a language, cultural discovery and first hand experience play an essential role in better understanding a language within a cultural context.

Linguistic and cultural experiences If you decide to study abroad, BE PREPARED FOR CHANGE!

Check your biases and preconceptions at the door and accept that where you are going will be different, sometimes very different:
  1. You will not be able to eat whenever you want. Pay attention because dining hours, wake-up times, calling times, and working will be different than what you are used to.
  2. Learn the rules of cultural etiquette so not to offend your hosts. Read up on the country and its culture before you leave.
  3.  Don’t pass hasty judgments about this new culture because your prejudices and stereotypes will not help you to enjoy your stay or integrate into a new way of life. Come with an open mind about this new place.
  4.  Avoid transliterating language. Instead talk with native speakers and listen for vocal intonations and observe their gestures and expressions.
  5. Be patient! You will undoubtedly encounter difficult times and this will certainly be an adjustment! But, be strong, and remain curious.
  6. Try to make friends or establish contact with people who do not speak your first language.
All the language schools and programs presented on our site are international. This means that you will be in contact and live with people who come from all over the world.

We cannot guarantee that you will be the only person from your country, but we do propose group study programs that ensure a great mix of nationalities.

The Activa Indicator allows you to evaluate the level of diversity in each school. Do not hesitate to consult us for assistance on the preference forms submitted to your school.