Long stay language programs abroad

Long stay language programs abroad For 1-4 academic quarters…

More and more in the professional world, there is a greater emphasis being placed on academic experience and expectations.
All around the world, academic experience is highly regarded and adds to your personal development. Future employers and others will see that your experience abroad can help you to better understand your environment as well as the increasingly multicultural world around you.
Over the past 5 years we have observed the increase in demand for this type of study abroad program.

The value of an effective and cultural educational program is that you will not just learn a language but learn a culture in your long stay abroad experience.

Both teachers and young people who have experienced this program agree that living abroad for a year can have a liberating effect on young people who feel limited in their home school systems or who are experiencing difficulties elsewhere in their life. Upon return, students see that their educational expectations and general academic knowledge have grown and their level of maturity has increased.

Studying abroad for up to a year will help preapre you  for life after school including enhancing professional qualifications and personal development.

We recommend you start prepare for your departure up to one year in advance! This can be a long and complicated process.

Delays in necessary procedures, such as obtaining a visa, could potentially lead to postponing programs to the next year. Activa Langues encourages parents and young people who are concerned to consult the website or a member of the Activa team.

Activa Langues has selected English or American colleges and universities abroad who DO except foreigners.
We will find you the best programs depending on your individual needs, age and language level.