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We select the best, non-commercial language schools from all over the world. We can also independently advise you on the schools and the programs that best fit your needs.
All the programs available on our site are sold at the same price you would pay if you registered directly at the school.

We work in a completely open fashion, as we make both program names and program descriptions readily available on our website.
We give you the option of registering online through us as an intermediary resource at a price that you can truly consider direct and honest.

Applied costs correspond to the actual costs of booking and should not be ignored as we include the banking charges, shipping documentation, telephone communication with the schools abroad, etc....

Study abroad program prices You will benefit from all of our services…

  • A personalized homepage in your native language
  • Individual advice in choosing the best  program possible from many available schools.
  • Clear and precise documents and informational materials translated into your language
  • Assistance in organizing your study abroad trip before you leave, including information on transportation, living accommodations, and practical information.
  • An emergency number in France to use if needed during your stay abroad.
  • The help of our influential partner schools during and after your program, in case of emergency.
  • For all companies and businesses, a number for study programs and courses approved under all regulations in order to continue education once you complete your study abroad.

Study abroad program prices Study abroad program prices

The price is often a guiding factor in choosing a language study program, but it is important to also note the quality of services in each program. Often, you get what you pay for.
Above all, make sure that the advertised price is "all inclusive" to avoid surprise costs and extra fees for the originally planned excursions, transportation services, insurance prices and more.
Be aware that graduate teachers are more expensive than students who do not have any prior teaching experience. Note that well-supervised stays for younger children imply an additional cost for the program. Take into account that residence housing with computer equipment, sporting equipment and reliable personnel is also typically more expensive. Finally, host families are always compensated in Great Britain, Ireland, Malta or Spain, but the additional accommodation costs in these destinations is included in the advertised price.

Be aware of the “fabulous offers,” slashed prices, and questionable quality and security assurances in each field.

In conclusion, remain cautious, and do not forget to verify if a program abroad is based on reliable facts and information about the trip, course duration, staff and school qualifications, activities etc, and more subjective elements as well, such as the reception, the quality and the food.

For parents, while a study abroad program is often an expensive financial endeavor,  it is also a priceless investment in a child’s education. One of the most important things to remember is that participants, whatever their age, who show interest and are motivated before their departure, will take full advantage of all the opportunities offered and will benefit the most from their time abroad.