Which study abroad program and for who?

The program you choose depends on your needs and objectives, your language level, and your time allowances.

Which study abroad program and for who? Classic programs in language schools (students 16+)

For one week or more you will take half-day courses or more intense courses with the intensive option. The schools typically propose a lively and exciting optional schedule of activities.
These programs occur most often during winter, spring or summer vacations, and are thus available and convenient for both students and adults.
Each program is created with the intention of making a student feel capable and independent in their language skills. The teachers are native speakers and have the required qualifications for teaching their language to foreigners.
The program emphasizes general language knowledge and capabilities including grammar, vocabulary and the development of oral communication skills.
The majority of students are young, with the average age of a participant being approximately 23 years old (varies by school and time of the year).

This program is well-suited for students and adults. Many adults choose this type of language program because it fits their specific needs.

The number of lessons per week can vary from 15 to 30 sessions, but the most common format is 20 lessons  a week (usually 4 lessons a day, morning or afternoon Monday- Friday).

This program covers all the language study basics, and can be adjusted according to personal needs. This program is recommended for highly motivated students.

Which study abroad program and for who? Study abroad programs with a specific objective

  • Business vocabulary
  • Exam preparation (TOEIC, TOEFL etc…)
  • Studying specialized vocabulary in sectors such as law, medicine etc…

We recommend that you study abroad for a minimum of 2 weeks. Staying for a second week permits you to truly capitalize on the benefits of this program.

The typical length of these abroad programs is usually 2 or 3 weeks long.

Which study abroad program and for who? Study at a university

These are programs for students 18+ that are available for every language level.
They can last from one week to many months.
There are many programs and combinations to choose from, including various courses, activities and living accommodations.

There are on campus language programs for adults and students all year round.

Which study abroad program and for who? Study and live with your professor

This program is perfect for those who are very motivated and want to see a great deal of improvement in a short period of time!
This option is a very exclusive and personalized program. You will learn through full immersion and participate in daily life with the professor and his family. This program is very effective but is generally more expensive than others.
The “cocooning” option ensures the presence and constant supervision of an adult member of the host family, and is mandatory for students under 18 years old.

Which study abroad program and for who? Study abroad with work experience

There are a wide variety of programs in this category. This program is only available for students who are at an intermediate level or higher. You must have a sufficient knowledge of the language in order to work abroad, which is why we offer language courses with these programs. Language courses last a minimum of 4 weeks, after which students are placed in an internship or a job.
These programs require specific visas. For more information please see the visa section of the website.

Which study abroad program and for who? Long stay language programs

The long stay abroad option can last from a quarter to a semester to one academic year.
This program is offered in most countries.
This type of studying abroad is available for 3 types of students:
For kids 12-14 years old, there are international classes with other local kids for 6-9 months.
For teens 15-18 years old, the long stay program is most often a 9 month stay abroad, where teens attend a high school with other local students.
And finally, the most effective program is for college students or young adults who wish to be bilingual and validate their language skills.

Motivation and maturity level are both important factors for each participant.
Exposing students to other ways of life for a long period of time permits them to better comprehend and learn about the diverse situations that are everywhere in life.
Beyond just learning a language, these programs offer a real life experience where students must be conscious of their personal responsibilities.