Study and live in your private teacher's home

Live and learn  in  your private teacher's home, be completely immersed in language and take tailor-made, one-on-one courses each day! The course programs are designed especially with you in mind. You will focus on your individual language needs, and increase your speaking abilities quickly.

This program requires real motivation on the student’s part as they must be able to adapt to a lifestyle and culture much different from their own.
The first days of this program are, of course, difficult and require patience while adapting to a foreign environment. After the initial adjustment, however, students are sure to have a fantastic and beneficial experience!
It is important to note that students who maintain daily ties to their country (ie. those who are constantly on the phone, text messaging or on the internet) will notably have a more difficult time adapting to their new surroundings.

Don’t lose sight of your goal  to study and learn a new language quickly! Total immersion with your teacher and his or her family, who do not speak your language, will ensure that you reach these goals.

Children younger than 18 must sign up for the cocooning option that ensures that they will be constantly supervised by their teacher or an adult member of the family.
Courses can be combined with activities, and  course+activity programs are available for those interested in doing both.

Study and live in your private teacher's home Who are the teachers?

There are 3 potential types of teachers:
  • Full time teachers who teach students during their winter or spring school breaks and summer vacations.
  • Retired teachers who host students 4 or 5 times a year.
  • Stay at home moms who have stopped teaching full time to raise children, and teach students in their homes in their free time.

Study and live in your private teacher's home How do we the find the perfect teacher for each student?

We try to match, as closely as possible, each teacher and student based on common interests (i.e. hobbies, professions, goals). We recommend that each student signs up for their program at least a month before the departure date so that we can ensure a good placement for both student and professor.

Ensuring a satisfying experience for each student…

In each location where a program is offered, there is a correspondent whose role it is to ensure the satisfaction of both the student and professor. On the rare occasion that one or both parties are not satisfied or that complications arise, this correspondent can arrange for a new placement as seen appropriate.