Study abroad living accommodations

At each school, different living accommodations offer a rich and scholarly life outside of school. Each accommodation is chosen by the client and booked upon his or her request. We consider living accommodations a very important aspect of the study abroad experience, and take their quality very seriously. This is why the stringent selection of our partner schools is so important. It ensures and standardizesthe quality of each residence and living accommodation, so that it will meet the needs of each student outside of class.

Study abroad living accommodations Program without living accommodations

It is, of course, possible to book only language courses with Activa and organize your own accommodations. If you have friends at your destination or simply prefer to live alone, please let us know. You will then pay only the program price without extra charges. You may want to rent an apartment there with other students.  To do this, one of the best solutions is reserving one of the proposed housing formulas for the first weeks of class, which will give you time to make friends and do the research necessary in finding a quality living environment.

Study abroad living accommodations Living with a family

Please note that living with a family is a  well-designed living accommodation, but is not considered to be a home. Everything depends, however, on the relationship you have with your hosts. The host families are neither obligated to take care of your entertainment nor to organize activities with you, unless you are registered for the formulas that guarantee this, such as the close supervision program option for children under 18 years old.

There is often confusion between the concept of “living in a homestay” and “living with a host family.” These are two very different concepts which are often underappreciated.

Our partner schools have carefully selected families by taking into account student feedback. These families are also subject to regular inspections.

Usually, students who speak the same native language do not live under the same roof, unless it is specifically requested. Specific demands concerning the family (children, animals, dietary needs, non-smoking etc) are taken into consideration upon registration and respected while choosing accommodations. If students register late, we will do our best to respect each request, but cannot ensure that each student will get their first choice accommodation. It is very important to indicate all allergies or inclinations to illnesses in order to  inform the host family.

We cannot guarantee that we will find a host family that perfectly fits your interests and your hobbies, but the sooner you book your program, the more time we have to find you a perfect family! Families generally live near the school. Staying with a family is without doubt the best accommodation for study abroad as you have daily contact with the family and the opportunity to practice the language, while learning the language, expressions, attitudes and customs of people who live in this culture. This is an authentic experience and a wonderful complement to any program. Over time, you may come to see that the family you are placed with can become more than simply hosts.

In terms of price, this is the most economical type of living accommodation.

Study abroad living accommodations Shared apartments

This type of living accommodation allows you to share an apartment with a roommate and have your own room. This formula permits you to be totally independent as you will make your own meals in the kitchen provided and live with people who have a similar independent lifestyle. This is a very popular option in Germany and England, but is also offered in Spain, Ireland, Malta, Italy and Austria as well.

Study abroad living accommodations Student residences

Student residences are living accommodations that are reasonably priced because of their relationship with our partner schools. For this reason, there are many students that stay here, as well as travelers and  the school’s foreign clients. Here you will find available communal spaces including kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms, which are places to create and maintain friendships. These residences offer different room possibilities. You can live in a single or double room, with the option of individual or shared bathrooms. Comfort levels and conditions of these residences can often be determined by price.

Study abroad living accommodations Campus Dormitories

This option is ideal for students who want total independence, while also making friends and creating connections with other students. You can live in a single room, or more frequently in a double room with a roommate. You will also share bathrooms and kitchens with other students. The comforts and conditions of each dormitory and communal space meet the basic standards in the host country.

Study abroad living accommodations Hotels or apartments

You can also spend your study abroad experience enjoying the comfort of a hotel or rented apartment. In most cases, our partner schools offer a reservation service for hotels or apartments. It goes without saying that this type of accommodation is much more expensive than the other options.