What is study abroad?

In general, the study abroad experience consists of going to another country and learning the language of that country. Today, however, there are even programs that offer courses on languages that are not widely used in that country. For example, you can learn English in Spain by living with professor whose primary language is English. This program offers true immersion as you will live with the teacher and their family and speak only their language.
This program type is perfect for those who want to only spend a short period abroad, but still improve their language skills quickly.
There are multiple programs available, adapted to the abilities, language levels, and goals of each participant.

What is study abroad? Follow these steps!

  1. Clearly define objectives based on what you wish to gain from your study abroad experience. Do you want to speak fluently, be more effective in international business, discover a new country and culture, or work abroad? There a variety of programs to fit every need!
  2. Take time to select a program that corresponds to your objectives; don’t leave your decision to the last minute!
  3. Only study abroad if you have the real desire to study a new language and culture.
  4. If this is your first study abroad experience, avoid choosing destinations that you feel may be too far away.
  5. Compare prices and programs.
  6. Carefully read the program and course descriptions. The success of your study abroad experience depends on the teaching quality that is available at each school.
  7. Verify that the school and program that you have chosen are nationally accredited institutions.
To help you understand all the language programs and products that you find, we suggest you consult this guide: