Secured payment

3DSecure allows transactions to be conducted in safety online, greatly reducing the risk of fraud and chargebacks.

3DSecure allows a card holder to authenticate himself while making an online payment.

How does it work?

For a 3D Secure payment to be made, you must have a 3DSecure card and the website must support 3D Secure too

  • Most of the new credit cards support 3DSecure.

  • For the older cards, switching 3DSecure may be automatic, or your bank will ask you to sign an addendum to your contract.

When performing an online purchase with 3DSecure, you will need to enter the card number, expiration and security code and after entering these information, you will be redirected to the website of your bank for authentication.
You will be asked to enter additional information to prove that you are the owner of the card.

Each bank is free to choose the authentication method. Among these are:

  • a classic password.

  • an electronic device (generates a code for each transaction).

  • a code sent by SMS

  • and many more ...