Teacher’s Home Language Course - Vienne Area for kid

Teacher’s Home Language Course - Vienne Area for kid (Vienna in Austria)
The overall objective of this program is to make rapid progress in the language, with special emphasis on improving oral ability. As always, students play an active role in family life, joining in on conversation at mealtimes, meeting new people and experiencing the culture of the country.

The professor’s house is situated in the region of Vienna.

  • Minimum age : 8 years
  • Accreditations:

Our advice 4 / 5

This program offers students an opportunity that no other school, method or course can provide: it offers one-on-one tutoring with a qualified personal teacher for the purpose of learning or improving a language.

Teacher’s Home Language Course - Vienne Area kid Courses and prices

Teacher’s Home Language Course - Vienne Area for kid (in Austria)

Live and Study in Your Teacher’s Home & Culture Program

This program Teacher’s Home Language Course - Vienne Area for kid is designed for those who wish to combine language lessons and sight seeing. Particularly suitable for students wishing to settle all expenses in advance.
You live, eat and take part in the social life of the teacher's family. Learn thoughout the day and receive formal one-to-one lessons. Your course is devised especially for your needs, not for a large group. Please note we insist that ALL our teachers MUST have a university degree or a State Teaching Certificate. Expect to receive individual attention and experience total immersion into both language and culture.

Teacher’s Home Language Course - Vienne Area kid Pedagogy

All the teachers have either a certificate that is recognized by the state or a university degree (or equivalent) accepted by the private sector. In addition they have all been awarded the Regency Certificate which means that their qualifications have been verified and their homes have been thoroughly inspected by the local organizer.Professors are either:
  • Teaching professionals who receive students during their vacations.
  • Retired teachers who appreciate receiving students because it provides them with the opportunity of meeting people from different cultures.
  • Housewives who have stopped teaching full-time
  • Professionals, freelancers or not, awarded a diploma of higher education (whatever is their speciality) and trained to a teaching method of education for individuals.

A local correspondent is present on location to ensure that all goes well.