Courses in the teacher’s home in Japan for a college student

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Activa Languages takes into account the various needs of language studies and offers a wide range of solutions:

  • Intensive courses, either as one to one lessons or as collective courses, preparing you for national exams.
  • Combination courses: a general language course with a group in the morning and more focused one-on-one courses in the afternoon.
  • Preparation courses for official exams, which today are required by universities or to be hired for a job.
  • Work experience abroad in order to master a language, gain better knowledge of a culture, and boost your CV.

We also offer tailor made programs.
Do you have a need, a particular desire?
Activa Languages will help you find the best solution.
Do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Courses in the teacher’s home in Japan for college student Courses in the teacher’s home in Japan for a college student

Japan is a country of fascinating contrasts that never stops surprising those who venture there. With unique traditions and exciting modern amenities, the Japanese mentality is constantly mesmerizing visitors. You can see beauty in the Shinto sanctuaries, which treat travellers to natural grace and majestic characteristics. This country overflows with wisdom and harmony. At the same time, the striking life in big cities, filled with skyscrapers and the numerous bars with flashing neon lights, contast with the historical aspects of Japan. Investigate Japan to enjoy all the unique complexity it has to offer. Its cities, its zen gardens, its magnificent landscapes dominated by the majestic Mount Fuji, and its ancestral culture continue to make this country an exotic and delightful destination. In Japan, you can discover mysteries from the past, as well as exploring the extraordinary possibilities of its bright future.

Adults and students also have the possibility of participating in a courses in the teacher’s home in japan for a college student all year round in specialized language schools for international students.

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