Arabic courses abroad

Arabic is a semitic language, (of the family of the afro-Asian languages) which is mainly spoken in North Africa and in the Middle East. It is the official language of 20 countries and also one of the official languages of the UNO.
Arabic is currently the fifth most spoken language in the world.
It is a language loaded with history, which is very useful for those who study subjects relative to Middle Eastern history, to the its religions or simply for translations. It is used by those who work in international trade companies.
The best way to learn Arabic is to go in a country where it is regularly spoken, where the learning process will be much faster and more dynamic.

Arabic courses abroad

Live with your teacher and take individual, one-on-one courses adapted to your level and personal needs. This is a full immersion program!

These are courses where all the teacher's attention is focused on one student.
This formula allows the teacher to address the specific needs of the student..

You will study in small groups with students who are on your same language level. You can adjust the course hours and intensity of the program according to your needs.

These are study abroad programs which help you stay young at heart! These programs are specially conceived for the 50+ student who wants to study a language and to discover a new culture and country at the same time.

Spend your summer or spring vacation abroad with other kids, learn a language, and have fun!