Chinese language programs abroad

One-to-one language courses are one of the most effective ways of learning a language. There are various solutions for one-to-one language courses: in the family of your private teacher or in an international language school.
Total immersion with your teacher is undoubtedly the most intensive form of one-to-one language study, as you will be completely cut off from your mother tongue.
The one-to-one language stay is also offered as part of the combined course package at a language school for adults: you benefit from group lessons in the mornings and one-to-one lessons in the afternoons to work more specifically on your weak points with a private teacher.
A one-to-one language course offers totally personalised language teaching: you learn at your own pace and according to your needs.
Another advantage of the one-to-one language course is that there is no age limit, and it is suitable for children, teenagers and adults alike.

This type of language course combined with social activities is not a new concept, but with Activa has truly found unique programs that emphasize the quality of the language classes.
We offer language courses combined with activities such as cooking, dancing and music options.
It's up to you to choose!

Activa Languages enables you to find to best exam preparation course necessary for admission to English and American universities or for official tests to certify your language ability.
Today, more and more businesses ask for an official certificate to indicate your language ability. That is why we are offering a wide range of courses.

Studying abroad is something that many of you consider. Adding an international dimension to a résumé is a great accomplishment both professionally and personally. With an open-mind and a positive attitude, you will win every time!
All of our partner schools offer an ideal setting for learning the language and for acquiring a solid linguistic competency.

The best language study holiday, or at least the only one that guarantees you will master the language or even become bilingual, is to study English, German, Spanish or any other language for a semester or a year, immersed in the country where the language is spoken.
By living in immersion for a semester or a year in England, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Spain or elsewhere, you will have the opportunity to experience a linguistic bath that will allow you to really get to know the language and culture of the country.
More than just a language stay that will enable you to become bilingual, spending a semester or a year abroad is a life experience: you'll meet young people from all over the world who, like you, have come to study, do an internship, prepare for an exam or a language test such as IELTS, TOEFL or GMAT to prepare for university entrance.

Whatever your age or level, summer language courses for children and teenagers are a great way to improve your language skills. To avoid children and teenagers of the same mother tongue being gathered together during the summer, all our summer language courses are aimed at individuals and not groups of young people speaking the same language.
Our summer language courses for children and teenagers are all international programmes.
We offer various types of language holidays for children and teenagers: from the most economical with accommodation in a family, through residential programmes on a university campus or in a public school, which always include cultural or sports activities, to the most serious for young people who already have an advanced level of language.
Language holidays for children and teenagers are also available in total immersion, such as total immersion language holidays with a host family or language holidays with a teacher. In this case, the young parrticipants are only in contact with locals. Completely isolated from their mother tongue, children and teenagers have no alternative but to use the local language to communicate.