French courses in the teacher’s home for a junior

Why study French in France?
French is the official language of numerous countries, and it is widely used in many others countries. French is the second foreign language the most taught in the European Union schools (tied with German).
In a general way, French remains the language the most taught in the world after English.
French is one of the 10 most spoken languages in the world.
French is often known as a language of culture, but it is also an eminently political language. It is doubtless that its importance in the international realm will dissipate.
The importance of the French language extends beyond just the linguistic domain. It is a vector of hope in the humanist dialogue between the peoples.
The Charter of the Francophone World says that "the French-speaking world, aware of links that the division of the French language creates between its members and wishing to use them in the service of the peace, the cooperation and of the development, has for objectives to help: in the institution and in the development of the democracy, in the prevention of the conflicts and in the support for the State under the rule of law and for the rights of the human;
In the link of peoples by their mutual knowledge; in the intensification of their solidarity by actions of multilateral cooperation to facilitate the development of their savings."
Study abroad programs in France, for young people of the whole world are an exceptional opportunity to progress and to be open -minded to the world.

French courses in the teacher’s home for a junior

Spend your summer or spring vacation abroad with other kids, learn a language, and have fun!

Live with your teacher and take individual, one-on-one courses adapted to your level and personal needs. This is a full immersion program!

Language courses in the morning are combined with athletic activity in the afternoons.

Language courses are combined with an lively calendar of cultural activities. This is a proven way to truly appreciate culture and language.