Japanese courses in the teacher’s home for a high school student

Why a language study program in Japan?
If it is difficult to learn a language from a book without traveling to the country where it is spoken. This is even more true for learning Japanese!
Japan is the second economic power in the world.
It represents 11 % of the world GDP, which is a little less than half of the American economy, but three times the Chinese economy. It is equal with France and Germany combined. It represents 10 % of the world trade.
Japan is a dynamic country whose economy is rapidly expanding. Its creative and innovative aspects also present numerous opportunities.
Japan has never stopped dedicating financial means to research and development, and it is the number one country in terms of patent registrations and licences today. It is thus a partner - and a market - in high-technology industries.
Beyond the economic interest, Japan has a sophisticated culture that is well-known for several things, including Sumo wrestling, Japanese prints, ceremony of the tea, Japanese flower arranging, bonsai trees, zen, poetry and traditional music, or even still traditional food.
A language study program in Japan will be an unparalleled experience of learning about such an amazing language and culture.

Spend your summer or spring vacation abroad with other kids, learn a language, and have fun!

Live with your teacher and take individual, one-on-one courses adapted to your level and personal needs. This is a full immersion program!