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Barcelona is the second largest port city in Spain. It is a city surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, and is a richly colorful place with an incredible history.
Barcelona boasts a true artistic showcase. This huge city is alive with of color and life. It is built among Gaudí architecture wonders like la Pedrera or the Güell park, where you can find tapas restaurants, cafés, terraces, concert halls, cable cars and boats to name just a few.
Its cosmopolitan character acts as a center for culture that cannot be ignored.
Barcelona has found a great harmony between the mountains and the sea. The city has developed a unique identity over time that is quite different from the nation’s identity. Barcelona is proud to call itself the most European Spanish city thanks to its mix of various cultures and languages.
During your language studies abroad, you will discover this melange of cultures that continues to make Barcelona a fascinating place.

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Barcelona - Language Travel Barcelona for a kid

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Language Travel Barcelona for a kid Summer school ENFOREX - Barcelona Beach

Have an unforgettable summer, take the opportunity to learn a new language with Spanish and international students.
Barcelona holds the best of both worlds: beachside fun and all the cultural attractions of one of Europe’s most admired cities. A hub for fashion, music, cuisine and arts. This is a…[More info]
  • Age : 5 - 17
  • Environment : nearby suburbs
  • Services : cafeteria,internet access,student lounge

Our advice 4.5 / 5

The key point of this programme : Spanish summer courses for foreigners in a 100% international environment, multicultural setting, living 24 hours a day with other children and teenagers from all around the world.
It gives teenagers the opportunity to have a unique educational experience and it gives the opportunity to improve their Spanish by participating in activitiesduring the afternoon with Spanish young people.