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The capital of Spain since 1562, Madrid is located at the heart of the Spanish Peninsula. It is a memorable city with a wide range of cultural activities to offer both residents and visitors, including museums, parks, theaters, concert halls, night clubs, and world famous art galleries.
Madrid is a cosmopolitan and dynamic city, but is also warm and inviting. It is an ecclectic mix of modernity and history. Not only does Madrid have a lively nightlife, but also is the headquarters for the Public Administration and Spanish Parliament and, of course, is the home of the Spanish Royal Family. Madrid is a “go to” destination for a perfectly balanced fun and cultural experience.

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Madrid - Language Travel Madrid for a kid

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Language Travel Madrid for a kid Summer school EnfoCamp - Madrid

Language studies abroad Madrid Summer school EnfoCamp - Madrid - Madrid
This is a program that ensures a great mix of nationalities with a majority of young Spanish students (60 %) where participants can easily practice their Spanish. The school environment is very pleasant and offers architecture that the students will marvel at.
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  • Age : 5 - 17
  • Environment : Town Center
  • Services : cafeteria,internet access,student lounge

Our advice 4.5 / 5

This program in Madrid gives teenagers the opportunity to live a unique, educational experience with the goal of perfecting their Spanish and participating in activities. It is a very popular study abroad choice for summer holidays.