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Malaga, the major coastal city in Andalucia, remains a city that seems uniquely untouched by the passage of time and unaffected by the ever-growing tourist industry. The city’s individuality remains in the traditional and typical Andaluz city tone, despite constant globalization elsewhere.
Malaga is a port and commercial city that has one of the best climates on the entire European continent. It is a city rich in history that will provide you with the opportunity to discover all it has to offer. During your study abroad experience in Malaga, you may stumble across a former 6th century fortress overlooking the town, the Roman theater or Merceb Place where Picasso was born. Thanks to the agreeable climate, traveling to Malaga is enjoyable any time of the year!

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Malaga - Language Travel Malaga for a kid

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Language Travel Malaga for a kid Summer school ENFOREX - Malaga - Unamuno

Language studies abroad Malaga Summer school ENFOREX - Malaga - Unamuno - Malaga
Siempre tenemos en cuenta la época del año y la edad de los alumnos... ¡es un campamento de verano y el fin es pasárselo bien! Tanto el contenido y los materiales de los cursos de idiomas en verano como la metodología de enseñanza pretenden alcanzar el equilibrio perfecto de diversión y rigor para…[More info]
  • Age : 12 - 17
  • Environment : Country

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This program is typically 40% young non-native speakers, and 60% young Spanish people. This program in Valencia gives teenagers the opportunity to live a unique, educational experience with the goal of perfecting their Spanish and participating in activities. It is a very popular study abroad choice during the summer.