Arabic course + cultural programme in private teacher’s home for high school student

Arabic study abroad programs in the teacher’s home for a high school student

Language courses are combined with an lively calendar of cultural activities. This is a proven way to truly appreciate culture and language.

Language and culture are inseparable: these programs permit you to dive into the local culture and allow you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the language while practicing your language skills outside of the classroom.
The programs that we proose are specially conceived to fascinate and inspire our students.
A study abroad program will help you to develop flunecy and confidence in the practical daily use of a foreign language in an exciting international environment.

1 Course(s) Arabic course + cultural programme in private teacher’s home for high school student - Ages 14-18 years

This programme "Arabic course + cultural programme in private teacher’s home for high school student" can be held at a in private teacher’s home and the main purpose is : Learn and live with your teacher

This program includes 10 or 15 hours of language tutoring andt he stated cultural activities (museums, castles and other famous places of cultural interest ) with the teacher or an adult member of the family, full room and board accommodations, entrance fees and transportation.
Extra language lessons and activities are available. To find additional fees, please contact us directly.
The programs may vary depending on the time of the year.

To keep in mind :
This program Arabic course + cultural programme in private teacher’s home for high school student requires a real motivation on the participant’s part. He or her must be capable of adapting to a way of life often very different than what he knows. It is up to the student to adapt to his surroundings, not the other way around!
The first few days are typically the most difficult (adaptation) but after this passes, the participants are happy with their experience and the linguistic progress they’re made.
Try not to lose sight of the objective, which is to be completely isolated from your native language, ensuring rapid progress, as your teacher and your family almost never speak your language.
It should be emphasized that students who maintain daily contact with their country of origin or their family (by email, telephone, texting or mail) typically have more problems adapting.
The cocooning option guarantees constant presence of the teacher or an adult member of the family and it is obligatory for children under 18 years old.

Who are our teachers?
Our teachers broadly fall into four categories:

  • Teaching professionals who receive students during their vacations.
  • Retired teachers who appreciate receiving students because it provides them with the opportunity of meeting people from different cultures.
  • Housewives who have stopped teaching full-time
  • Professionals, freelancers or not, awarded a diploma of higher education (whatever is their speciality) and trained to the HLI teaching method of education.

How is the appropriate teacher chosen for each student?
We try to get to know as best as possible our students and our host families in order to best match the students with professors who have and very often similar interests like golf, tennis, classical music and other hobbies. We recommend to our students that they sign up at least one month before they leave, so that we may select the most appropriate host family for them. However, we cannot guarantee perfectly matching the expressed wishes of the students, specifically concerning the composition of the host teacher’s family or even the location of the home.
Monitoring the students on site
We have, in each program region, a local correspondent who contacts the student a few days after his or her arrival to ensure that he or she is satisfied. All of our teachers know that sometimes the unexpected happens, although this situation is very rare, where the student must be moved to another home without creating unnecessary complications at the end of the first week of classes. Changes in host families are also possible in the case of the sickness or accident. Our regional directors have the necessary experience to effectively deal with such situations.

Minimum level required: Elementary

This type of course is also offered in the following languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish