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Brighton is one of the most famous seaside resorts in England. It became a popular destination in the late 18th century and is still a favorite vacation spot for the people who live in southern England. Indeed, Brighton is easily accessable, as it is close to London and only a half an hour away from an international airport.
Brighton is a unique and exciting harbour city that offers many things to see, to do and to discover.
Brighton owes its charm and vitality to the sea, and its artistic and cultural wealth, as well as its many original and unique events that are organized year round. Among its famous buildings are the extravagant Brighton Pavillon and Saint Nicholas church built in the 11th century. To addition to these examples of extraordinary architecture, Brighton also has pebble beaches, small alleys lined with stores and restaurants, and a large pier brimming with arcades and carnival activities.

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Campus language programmes Brighton Summer camp Oxford International College

An ideal location for young summer school students. Facilities include modern teaching facilities, including state-of-the-art laboratories and newly furnished boarding houses. Located a short distance from the seaside town of Brighton.
Come and enjoy the brand new facilities![More about Bucksmore Brighton]

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  • Age : 10 - 16

Campus language programmes Brighton Summer camp Roedean Brighton

Learn English in Brighton, on the high standard campus! This is the opportunity to learn a language in a quality environment by the sea. This center provides a multitude of sports and cultural activities but also numerous optional activities such as nautical activities, soccer or creative arts and…[More about Brighton]

Our advice 4.5 / 5

  • Age : 10 - 17

Campus language programmes Brighton BLC - Summer camp - university of Brighton

Brighton is a great place to live!
With this language camp, teenagers will benefit from the university facilities located in the city centre and close to the seaside, will discover the life of English families who will welcome them and will be able to participate in many activities safely!
An…[More about Brighton Language College]

Our advice 4 / 5

  • Age : 13 - 17