Chinese courses on campus

Why not study abroad in China?
When we speak about the Chinese, we think more precisely of the Mandarin people. The enormous growth of the Chinese economy at least partially explains the trend to learn Mandarin. Two centuries ago, Napoleon said that by waking up China would make the world tremble. Apparently, the awakening of China is translated into an enormous trend to learn one of its languages.
Executives and future executives of the whole world are learning this language, the parents look for lessons for their children and governments fund programs to learn it . If the economic reasons to learn Chinese are not enough, the access to a very rich and diverse culture, to cinema and to Chinese literature may convince you to learn this language.
This cultural dimension of the language study abroad, but more generally learning Chinese, allows access to a dialogue with a society that seems so distant from us. It is the best means to understand and to work with the Chinese culture and its people.
We cannot claim to understand the evolution of the world if we do not understand the internal debates in Chinese society, one of the most dominant cultures on the planet.