Summer school - Höchst - Hessen

Summer school - Höchst - Hessen (Frankfurt in Germany)
This programme near Francfort is ideal to really improve your German : a beautiful setting and a very dedicated teaching team. For more than 35 years did deutsch-institut has focused on teaching German as a foreign language and is considered the best German language school in Germany.

Höchst in the Odenwald mountain area has nothing in common with a big city – on the contrary! The romantic town with a population of 10.000 is situated in the middle of the Odenwald, a low mountain range near Frankfurt, and is surrounded by forests, timberframed farm estates and medieval castles. And still, in summer the place brims with life, when young people from more than 60 countries come together in a former medieval monastery to learn German and discover Germany with us.

  • Environment : Country, Mountain
  • Transportation : Bus, Metro
  • In proximity : Bars, Restaurants
  • Accreditations:

Our advice 4.5 / 5

The beauty of the place works as a strong motivation for the teenagers who came from all over the world to learn and improve their German: nature, facilities, supervision, everything you may want is here...
A high quality programme to learn the language and discover the German culture.
The possibility is given to the students who are very keen, to take part in a more intensive programme of 24 lessons per week, and still enjoying exceptional staying conditions. To choose without hesitation!

Summer school - Höchst - Hessen Courses and prices

Intensive Summer programme for Teenagers

Intensive Summer programme for Teenagers

This programme is perfect for motivated students. More language courses to improve their learning skills. It offers teens the opportunity to discover a campus lifestyle abroad during summertime.

Intensive summer programme for children

Intensive summer programme for children

Supervised intensive programmes for young students that combines high-quality language lessons with a varied timetable of activities.

Summer Camp for children and teenagers

Summer Camp for children and teenagers

This program is perfect for youngsters. It offers the opportunity to discover a campus lifestyle abroad for the summer.

Summer school - Höchst - Hessen Pedagogy

All the teachers are native speakers and are specially trained to teach German as a foreign language.

Summer school - Höchst - Hessen Equipment

Classrooms are bright and spacious