Summer school Astur - Diez

Summer school Astur - Diez (Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany)
A very friendly programme with young people from all over the world including young Germans. It offers the ideal conditions to learn the language and discover the culture at the same time. A programme that gives a taste for learning!
The centre’s capacity is quite small which makes it a particularly easy to make friends.

The little village Diez at the river Lahn is known for the Count's castle on the top of the hill. A footpath leads directly to the idyllic place and the meadows with various leisure facilities are not far away. In the evening, when it is peace and quiet, you can hear the knights riding through the streets.

  • Environment : City

Our advice 4.5 / 5

A high qualitiy and very welcoming programme. The setting is idyllic and the organisation very careful. The centre accommodates a limited number of students at the same time which creates a very friendly atmosphere between the students.
It is the perfect solution to dive into German culture and language. The strong point of the centre : 40% of the students are German students who are studying French or English and who are taking part in the activities with the International students. The ideal mix for a successful culural exchange!

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