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Venice, the city of canals, is made up of 120 small islands connected by 800 bridges and remains known as one of the most evocative cities in Europe.
Venice is a charming and beautiful city with its ancient palaces and churches. It is also filled with fun, due to its frequent carnivals and racing. Venice is perhaps known for its intriguing historic, and is laden with references to the past and to its arts. You willl not leave Venice disappointed.
Walk around the Grand Canal, visit St. Mark's Square and its famous Basilica, walk over the many bridges and then take a leisurely gondola ride guided by gondoliers.
Studying a language course in Venice is really a privilege. You will learn Italian and also encounter one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

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Campus language programmes Venice International Summer Camp Bella Italia for juniors on the Adriatic

Come and study Italian in a unique and festive environment. It's the ideal setting to take part in outdoor courses and sports and leisure activities. The learning programme is creative and the classes are held in small, lively and informal groups, so that you can make progress and learn while having…[More about LINGUAVIVA Venice]

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