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Intensive Course (Los Angeles in United States)

Both the standard and intensive language course increase your general knowledge of the language, and allow you to acquire everyday communication skills. The intensive language course is great for those who prefer a more focused and intensive environment in which to learn a language.
An intensive course is generally more than 22 hours a week.

Citrus College is located in the town of Glendora, California.
Glendora is an upscale suburban community of more than 53.000 people. The city is home to numerous parks, an old town shopping district, and a variety of homes from cozy cottages to prestigious estates.

  • Lesson Length : 50 min.
  • Class size : 15 max.
  • Minimum level required : Elementary to Advanced
  • Age : 15 - 20 years
  • Arrivée/Départ : Sunday to Saturday

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Intensive English Program
24 lessons per week: 4 daily hours of study
Integrated Skills Core Class : 3 h
Elective Class : 1 h
Academic Workshop : 1 h
Core Class
Our Core Class is the foundation of our English Language Program and is offered in 18 levels, from beginner to proficient. Each level provides integrated instruction and practice in the four major language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students who complete Level 14 are eligible for transfer to many partner colleges and universities. Each level lasts 4 weeks and includes 60 hours of instruction.
Sample Electives
Our elective classes allow students to focus on specific important skills and topics and improve their areas of weakness. Here are just a few of the many electives we offer. Each class lasts 8 weeks and includes 40 hours of instruction.
• Conversation
• American Culture
Academic Workshops
Our Academic Workshops provide brief, daily selfcontained
lessons and practice in such areas as
Pronunciation, American Songs, Vocabulary, Current
Affairs and Topical Conversation. The emphasis is on
participation and practice in a more relaxed atmosphere
to allow students to increase their English fluency.
• Critical Thinking
Business English
• Practical Grammar
• Slang and Idiomatic Speech
• Public Speaking
• English Through Film

  • American culture
  • Slang
  • Public Speaking
  • English through films

Student visa required.

Intensive Course - FLS International - Citrus College Intensive English 24 lessons per week (20:00 hours)

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Courses start June 2024

All international students must hold medical insurance during their stay in the United States. If an applicant cannot provide written proof of insurance before arrival, that student must purchase medical insurance for duration of his or her stay.
NB. All prices for the programs offered on this site do not include travel costs.

Dates are prefered start dates. Students may start any monday.

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Intensive Course - FLS International - Citrus College Homestay Homestay

Language Travels living accommodation united-states los-angeles
  • disadvantage : depend on the tidiness od the other lodgers
  • Stay from Sunday to Saturday
  • Approximative time to school : 30-45 min. by transportation

Single room not available July- August

High season fees 30€ per week (from 19 June 2024 to 27 August 2024).High season fees 49€ per week (from 19 December 2024 to 25 December 2024).

Accommodation options1 weekSupplementary 1 night
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Intensive Course - FLS International - Citrus College Optional : Transfer upon arrival

This option is available only if you request an accommodation
  • Los Angeles Aéroport international(LAX)

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Intensive Course FLS International - Citrus College

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Intensive Course

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