Learn Chinese
Learn a language and participate in an activity program

This type of language course combined with social activities is not a new concept, but with Activa has truly found unique programs that emphasize the quality of the language classes.
We offer language courses combined with activities such as cooking, dancing and music options.
It's up to you to choose!

2 Course(s) Learn Chinese
Teacher’s Home Language Course - Beijing area - Beijing

60+ Special in Your Teacher’s Home

Improve your language level with a teacher in your age group to match your own interests
and background whenever possible.

Teacher’s Home Language Course - Beijing area - Beijing

Live and Study in Your Teacher’s Home & general activities

Home Teaching programs are an exciting and effective way to learn a language. Live in your teacher’s home and receive personalized lessons adapted especially to your everyday needs. It guarantees you complete immersion into the language.
Learn throughout the the day and receive formal one-on-one…