Language programs abroad

This type of language course combined with social activities is not a new concept, but with Activa has truly found unique programs that emphasize the quality of the language classes.
We offer language courses combined with activities such as cooking, dancing and music options.
It's up to you to choose!

This program combines a language course with a chosen sport.
Typically, the general language course in the morning, followed by sport activity in the afternoon.

Activa Languages enables you to find to best exam preparation course necessary for admission to English and American universities or for official tests to certify your language ability.
Today, more and more businesses ask for an official certificate to indicate your language ability. That is why we are offering a wide range of courses.

Combine studying a language with a professional work placement and enhance your résumé. The internship program is designed to give students the opportunity to practice their language skills in a professional environment. Students must plan to be abroad for a specific number of weeks and must be at a high intermediate language level.

These courses have a very specific goal as they focus on a particular professional field such as medicine, law, hospitality, etc...
These programs allow you to learn unique vocabulary useful for your job and professional life, and to practice what you have learned in real-life situations in another country.

Activa Languages has chosen schools exclusively for adults, which specialize in business language courses and are suited to the needs of professionals.
The courses start every Monday and last for a minimum of one week.

Studying abroad is something that many of you consider. Adding an international dimension to a résumé is a great accomplishment both professionally and personally. With an open-mind and a positive attitude, you will win every time!
All of our partner schools offer an ideal setting for learning the language and for acquiring a solid linguistic competency.

You would like to take a language course during your vacation while spending time with your family. And why not have your children take advantage of this opportunity as well?
We looked for programs that give you this option: courses for both you and your children with joint activities.
All this is for you to discover!

This program is perfect for students who want to study at a university abroad. Certain programs are available to students with a less advanced language level.
Access to these programs depends on your intial language level as you must have a high enough language level to attend courses at the university. Admission depends on your language test scores. Universities may have different expectations of the score necessary for admission.
If you have a Baccalauréat, an undergraduate degree, or a Masters degree, this program will be a perfect way to both put your degree to good use and continue your education.
The premaster's courses will prepare you in order to earn a Masters degree, which is a very important qualification in the Anglophone world.