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Milan is the capital of economy, fashion design and moderninity. It is also a city of art, rich in historical monuments, churches and museums of great importance.
Milan is Italy’s most modern and dynamic city, laden with skyscrapers from the 1950’s. The Torre Velasca reflects the once prominent Gothic style towers that grace the city, as well as the towers of Pirelli Ponti and Nervi. Milan also houses the remains of a glorious past, visible in the beautifully constructed medieval and Renaissance style churches and reinforced by museums full of artistic masterpieces.
Milan is undoubtedly a city that looks to the future for answers and draws on the past for its beauty. Studying in Milan will be an incredible mix of chic modern culture and intricate history.

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Milan - Language studies abroad Milan

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Language studies abroad Milan LINGUAVIVA - Milan

Language studies abroad Milan LINGUAVIVA - Milan - Milan
Since 1990, Linguaviva Milan has been offering international students the opportunity to learn Italian and Italian culture in a friendly and thoroughly enjoyable atmosphere.
Learn Italian in Milan, the fashion and technology capital of Italy.[More info]
  • Minimum age : 18 and 16 for certain programs
  • Environment : Town Center
  • Services : internet access,student lounge

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This school ideally suited for adults, students and professionals, and has partnerships with the most important academic and higher education institutes for design, architecture and fashion.

Language studies abroad Milan Teacher’s Home Language Course - Milan area

Language Immersion in the teacher's home Milan area Teacher’s Home Language Course - Milan area - Milan area
The overall objective of this program is to make rapid progress in the language, with special emphasis on improving oral ability. As always, students play an active role in family life, joining in on conversation at mealtimes, meeting new people and experiencing the culture of the country. [More info]
  • Minimum age : 8

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This program offers students an opportunity that no other school, method or course can provide: it offers one-on-one tutoring with a qualified personal teacher for the purpose of learning or improving a language.