Come to learn Spanish in the heart of Madrid between the Puerta del Sol and the Palacio Real!
EUREKA (Madrid in Spain)

Our advice 4.5 / 5

Eureka is really ideal if you want to study in a family atmosphere and benefit from a very personalized attention thanks to courses in small groups. Moreover, this school has developed its own particularly effective teaching method for learning Spanish. This school has another advantage: it owns shared apartments in the same building. Here you will have the opportunity to meet young people from all over the world and live an unforgettable experience.

Come to learn Spanish in the heart of Madrid between the Puerta del Sol and the Palacio Real!

Eureka is located in the centre of Madrid, between the Puerta del Sol and the Royal Palace, in a historic building of more than 150 years old, completely restored and equipped to offer students the best learning conditions.

EUREKA Pedagogy

Our teaching department is made up of qualified teachers, who hold Bachelor's degree in subjects such as Classical Spanish, Spanish Language, Art and Literature.
All classes are based on interactive teaching methods with personalized attention. There is a maximum of 8 students per class, 6 on average.

EUREKA EUREKA Madrid Activities

Every week there are two guided tours in Madrid. Once every two weeks, during the weekend, the school offers students a day excursion to a village or town of cultural interest, such as Segovia, Toledo, Ávila, La Granja...

EUREKA Equipment

The school has 12 classrooms, a video room and a library from which students can borrow books and DVDs. All classes are air-conditioned and soundproofed, in order to limit noise coming from the street. They are all equipped with audio-visual equipment.

Courses and prices EUREKA

EUREKA Combined Course - Ages +16 years

This program combines group language courses in the morning that encourage students to interact and help a student to improve practical communication skills. The individual language classes in the afternoon allow you to concentrate on your areas of weakness and on things that interest you personally.

EUREKA One-to-One Course - Ages +16 years

This program offers personalized teaching in individual language courses in order to accomplish specified goals in a short amount of time.
This is the perfect option for those who have certain goals or a time limit. It is particularly useful for professionals who would like to prepare for a presentation, negotiations or a trip abroad. This is a tailor-made course in which you may evolve at your own pace and work at your own level.

EUREKA Standard Course - Ages +16 years

This program is recommended for those who wish to learn a language and also be able to do other activities. Improve your communication skills through application in a variety of everyday situations. This course enables you to improve your grammatical knowledge, your vocabulary and your pronunciation.
The standard general course is suitable for those who want to learn or improve a language, while having the opportunity to practice it everyday in the country where it is spoken.
A standard course is generally less than 22 hours a week.

EUREKA Intensive Course - Ages +16 years

Both the standard and intensive language course increase your general knowledge of the language, and allow you to acquire everyday communication skills. The intensive language course is great for those who prefer a more focused and intensive environment in which to learn a language.
An intensive course is generally more than 22 hours a week.