Programmes in Dubaï for a kid

Saudi Arabia
Abu Dhabi

Kids from 7 years-old to teens (12) can enjoy safe and exciting language programs abroad. There are fully supervised campus programs
designed to introduce our students to another culture and to encourage them to make friends with other students of a similar age, from all around the world!

Programmes in Dubaï for a kid Programmes in Dubaï for a kid

Dubai is one of the seven emirates that comprise the United Arab Emirates.
The emirate of Dubai is the second largest, but is the most well-known because of its booming tourism. Dubai is one of the main destinations for high luxury tourism. Its attractive beaches and modern buildings make it a commercial attraction unlike any other.
Most of the land is covered by the Rub-al-Khali desert. Dubai enjoys an exceptional geographical location and a warm climate.

Adults and students also have the possibility of participating in a programmes in dubaï for a kid all year round in specialized language schools for international students.

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