Programmes in Scotland for mature studend 50+

Stay young at heart!
This special program is made for 50+ adults who want to study a language and discover at the same time exotic countries and cultures. This study abroad trip will be an original way to meet other people of the same age and sharing similar interests. During the lessons the emphasis is placed on oral expression and cultural aspects of the country. Rather than focusing on grammar or writing, these courses are designed to learn about the daily life and communicate with ease while going to a restaurant, asking for directions or just grocery shopping.
The classes take place in the morning which gives plenty of time for cultural activities or leisure activities in the afternoon and evening.
The activities include visiting museums and monuments, cooking lessons, dance lessons, or even wine tasting.
We also offer tailor made programs. Do you have a need, a particular desire? Activa languages will help you find the best solution.
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Great Britain

Programmes in Scotland for mature studend 50+ Programmes in Scotland for mature studend 50+

If you decide to take English courses in Scotland, the landscapes, the culture and the residents will make your study abroad an unforgettable experience.
Scotland along with England, Wales and Northern Ireland, form the United Kingdom. Each of these countries possesses its own identity. Scotland has its own laws, as well as a specific religious and educational system, which has created a culture that is well anchored in traditions.
Scotland has magnificent green landscapes and mountains that will make a lasting impression on you. The country is divided in two parts: the Highlands and the Lowlands. Today the country is populated by more than 5 million residents. 500.000 of thosepeople live in Edinburgh, its beautiful and culturally rich capital. However, the most important city in Scotland is Glasgow.

Adults and students also have the possibility of participating in a programmes in scotland for mature studend 50+ all year round in specialized language schools for international students.

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