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Marbella is one of the more popular seaside resorts in Europe and is situated on the Mediterranean coast of Andalusia, 57 kilometers, or 35 miles west of the city of Malaga. Its ideal warm climate, historic district and lively nightlife have all made this small fishing village the gem of Costa del Sol.
A language course in Marbella will allow you to learn Spanish and enjoy all the diverse activities the city has to offer.

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Campus language programmes Marbella Summer school ENFOREX - Marbella Centro

The school is in a big secured campus located in a very peaceful and safe area of Marbella. The students will enjoy the atmosphere of a beautiful seaside town. This intensive programme is aimed at independent and mature students as they can be allowed to leave the campus under curfew in small groups…[More about Enforex Marbella]

Our advice 4.5 / 5

  • Age : 14 - 17 and 15 for certain programs