Italian courses abroad for a professional

Why study abroad in Italy?
A language is not simply an assembly of words and grammar. It is essential for communication between people. It is the reason why you will never completely learn a language from a book. You must go to the country where the language is spoken, so that you can experience immersion!
Italian is one of the most important languages of the European economic community and it represents an asset in touristic, commercial and industrial careers. In the employment market, a knowledge of Italian can be an advantage against other candidates competing for the same position.
Practicing Italian will benefit you in many ways besides just professionally. It also gives you access to a classical education, the knowledge of the Italian artistic and cultural heritage, the numerous influential Italian authors in the domains of cinema, theater, literature and music.
Do not forget its important international role:
It is the 7th economic power of the western world and 3rd in Europe after Germany and the United Kingdom. It is a young, dynamic and consisting expanding country.
Learning and mastering Italian offers the possiblity of studying in a wide variety of prestigious professional and academic realms, including the fields of design, publishing, furnishing, urban planning, art restoration, economy, ecology and so many more.

Italian courses abroad for a professional

These are courses where all the teacher's attention is focused on one student.
This formula allows the teacher to address the specific needs of the student..

Students will have general language courses in the mornings and individual lessons in the afternoon! This intensive program ensures quick results!

You will study in small groups with students who are on your same language level. You can adjust the course hours and intensity of the program according to your needs.

Study abroad programs specially designed to study specific vocabulary for business or medicine.