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Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, is both a port and a very important economic center on the Mediterranean coast.
Valencia represents a harmonious combination of the vestiges of the past and the innovations of the present. It is a center of international avant-garde design, which is evident in its modern and striking architechture. When walking through the historical center known as the Carmen, it is easy to notice the city’s rich history. The Valencia Cathedral, the tower Miguelete Lonja of Seda, the Museum of the Fine Arts San Pío V and the Plaza of Virge are just some of the things you can see during your stay in Valencia. Among other things, Valencia is known for its incredible cuisine, especially its Paella. Another point of interest in Valencia is the Fallas, a famous festival that takes place each year at the beginning of March.
Whatever activity in which you choose to participate, the cultural and historical richness, and the favorable Mediterranean climate of this Spanish town will invigorate you. Whatever your tastes and preferences, you will find everything you are looking for in Valencia.

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Valencia - Language studies abroad Valencia

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Language studies abroad Valencia Summer school ENFOREX - Valencia - Galileo College

Language studies abroad Valencia Summer school ENFOREX - Valencia - Galileo College - Valencia
Have an unforgettable summer living 24 hours a day with Spanish children and teenagers from around the world.
Valencia is Spain’s third largest city and has experienced a cultural renaissance in recent years. Located on the Mediterranean coast, it is a medium-sized city of about 800.000 residents…[More info]
  • Age : 12 - 17
  • Environment : City
  • Services : cafeteria,internet access,student lounge

Our advice 4.5 / 5

This program is typically 40% young non-native speakers, and 60% young Spanish people. This program in Valencia gives teenagers the opportunity to live a unique, educational experience with the goal of perfecting their Spanish and participating in activities. It is a very popular study abroad choice during the summer.
For students who want to learn and practice various sailing,this programme offers an option in which students can take part at an additional cost.

Language studies abroad Valencia Teacher’s Home Language Course - Valence area

Language studies abroad Valencia Teacher’s Home Language Course - Valence area - Valencia
The overall objective of this program is to make rapid progress in the language, with special emphasis on improving oral ability. As always, students play an active role in family life, joining in on conversation at mealtimes, meeting new people and experiencing the culture of the country. [More info]
  • Minimum age : 8 and 7 for certain programs
  • Environment : City,nearby suburbs

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This program offers students an opportunity that no other school, method or course can provide: it offers one-on-one tutoring with a qualified personal teacher for the purpose of learning or improving a language.

Language studies abroad Valencia ENFOREX - Valence

Language studies abroad Valencia ENFOREX - Valence - Valencia
A modern school in a calm and relaxing environment. The school hosts students from all over the world, as well as Spanish students who come to learn other languages. [More info]
  • Minimum age : 14
  • Environment : City
  • Services : Aire acondiciondao,beverage vending machines,cafeteria,internet access,library,multi-media center,student lounge,Video library,wifi

Our advice 4.5 / 5

You will have the opportunity to meet Spanish students who come to take other language courses.