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Oxford is a town in Oxfordshire, England, located on the upper banks of the River Thames west of London with a population of approximately 135.000 residents. The city is home to the prestigious Oxford University, the first English-speaking university in the world. Oxford is located about 55 miles (90 km) northwest of London and 70 miles (110 km) southeast of Birmingham, making it a very accessable and desirable destination.
Oxford is a delightful blend of educational excellence, ancient traditions and modern cosmopolitan splendor.
This city is not just a place to study but a place full of culture, museums, theaters, cinemas, restaurants, coffee shops and great nightlife. Oxford is a perfect balance between work and play,and would be an exceptional place to complete a study abroad program.

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Programmes Oxford for mature studend 50+ CES Oxford House School

Language studies abroad Oxford CES Oxford House School - Oxford
Learn English in the home of one of the oldest and most famous universities in the world!
Close to Oxford, our school, is located in the beautiful and tranquil village of Wheatley and provides a friendly, safe and traditional British village environment, ideal for students learning English.[More info]
  • Minimum age : 16
  • Environment : Country
  • Services : internet access,library,multi-media center,student lounge,Video library,wifi

Our advice 3.5 / 5

Programmes Oxford for mature studend 50+ Teacher’s Home Language Course - Oxford area

Language Immersion in the teacher's home Oxford area Teacher’s Home Language Course - Oxford area - Oxford area
The overall objective of this program is to make rapid progress in the language, with special emphasis on improving oral ability. As always, students play an active role in family life, joining in on conversation at mealtimes, meeting new people and experiencing the culture of the country. [More info]
  • Minimum age : 8 and 5 for certain programs

Our advice 4 / 5

This program offers students an opportunity that no other school, method or course can provide: it offers one-on-one tutoring with a qualified personal teacher for the purpose of learning or improving a language.