Programmes in Great Britain for mature studend 50+

Stay young at heart!
This special program is made for 50+ adults who want to study a language and discover at the same time exotic countries and cultures. This study abroad trip will be an original way to meet other people of the same age and sharing similar interests. During the lessons the emphasis is placed on oral expression and cultural aspects of the country. Rather than focusing on grammar or writing, these courses are designed to learn about the daily life and communicate with ease while going to a restaurant, asking for directions or just grocery shopping.
The classes take place in the morning which gives plenty of time for cultural activities or leisure activities in the afternoon and evening.
The activities include visiting museums and monuments, cooking lessons, dance lessons, or even wine tasting.
We also offer tailor made programs. Do you have a need, a particular desire? Activa languages will help you find the best solution.
Do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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Programmes in Great Britain for mature studend 50+ Programmes in Great Britain for mature studend 50+

From England to Scotland and Wales, many countries form this diverse place with different cities loaded with their own history. There are coasts full of charm, wonderful landscapes and a dynamic socio-cultural life.
Today, England attracts tourists as much for its green countryside as for its modern amenities and historical and cultural monuments.
Scotland is also built upon a grand history. It is the land of legends with its castles and its mysterious lakes placed upon majestic landscapes which give a wonderful atmosphere.
Wales is characterized by landscapes of an exceptional beauty with its castles raised on hills, its beaches, its cliffs, as well as its more than millions of years old mountains.

Adults and students also have the possibility of participating in a programmes in great britain for mature studend 50+ all year round in specialized language schools for international students.

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