Programmes in South Africa for a professional

Port Elizabeth

This program is aimed at those who wish to acquire technical knowledge and language skills essential for international jobs. Activa Languages has selected some specialized schools (some of them only accept adults) particularly adapted to specific needs such as: medicine, law, tourism or even aeronautics…
We also offer taylor made programs.
Do you have a need, a particular desire? Activa languages will help you find the best solution.
Do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Programmes in South Africa for professional Programmes in South Africa for a professional

South Africa is a magnificent country located at the southern tip of Africa. It's a country with many contrasts where poverty and modernity, strength and a love of life mix to form a fascinating culture!
In South Africa there is an impressive modern culture juxtaposed with remnants of painful and poignant past.
South Africa groups together numerous cultures. There are more than 11 official languages, while English is the most commonly used.
This is a fascinating country, totally different from Western countries as it mixes a savanna of animals with modernized cities. The African music that is typically played will leave a lasting impression on you. Here you will improve your English skills, discover another culture, and a different, yet beautiful way of life!

Adults and students also have the possibility of participating in a programmes in south africa for a professional all year round in specialized language schools for international students.

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