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Salamanca is known as one of the most appealing cities in Europe. The city is an authentic museum of architecture. All of the eras and styles are represented in the diverse architecture in Salamanca.
Its spirit is found in science and culture. Its university and intellectual lifestyle that is prevalent today first was introduced in 1218, when Alphone IX established the university. Salamanca’s soul is in its two cathedrals, its houses with guilded stone façades, and the life and joy of its days and nights around Plaza Mayor, one of the most beautiful places in Europe. You cannot miss it during your study abroad experience!

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Programmes Salamanca for professional ENFOREX - Salamanca

Language studies abroad Salamanca ENFOREX - Salamanca - Salamanca
Enforex’s school offers you a cultural and educational experience in a friendly atmosphere.
The school is a former convent with a deep history.[More info]
  • Minimum age : 14
  • Environment : Town Center
  • Services : beverage vending machines,internet access,library,multi-media center,student lounge

Our advice 5 / 5

The school offers a studious setting that is stimulating and festive. The program is found amidst the rush of a big city where students from all over the world cross paths in one of the oldest university towns in all of Europe.

Programmes Salamanca for professional Don Quijote Salamanca - Enforex

Language studies abroad Salamanca Don Quijote Salamanca - Enforex - Salamanca
Salamanca, an internationally renowned university town, has been chosen since 20 years to found the first donQuijote school. The idea was clear from the beginning : create the largest school of Spanish as a foreign language under the slogan "Long live Spanish ! "[More info]
  • Minimum age : 17
  • Environment : Town Center
  • Services : cafeteria,internet access,library,multi-media center,student lounge

Our advice 5 / 5

A unique program allowing you to learn more about a culture, a region, a country but also about the language, its vocabulary and its pronunciation.
You will study in a small group to learn the language and develop your language skills more effectively.