Campus language programmes Folkestone

Folkestone is an incredible multifaceted city where you could discover landscapes which offer uninterrupted view of the sea. You could go for a walk on the summit of the Leas’s cliff. Besides, the funicular enables you to see this amazing natural decor perfect to breathe a pure air (about 1.5km of the ground). At the bottom of the funicular, you will find the Lower Leas Coastal Park which stretches from Folkestone to Sandgate. A huge park propitious to have a barbecue or to relax yourselves. Moreover, you could also adventure yourselves on the Tyrolean or on the climbing walls
You could visit the “Creative Quarter” which presents work of arts where artists, animation studios, musicians and independent films societies are mixed. This quarter take an air of giant art gallery which guarantees a festive and eclectic atmosphere perfect to have diner or take something to drink.
Swimming fans can go to Sunny Sand’s beach, famous for the quality of its fine sand.

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